I’ve always felt that I was made for more.  Although I loved each job I had in the past (service, barwoman, restaurant manager, hair-makeup-nail artist, barista, cook etc.) I still felt I needed more, that what I was doing wasn't going to give me the freedom of working from home, around my family whenever I needed to and from wherever I was! I very soon realised that being an employee for someone just wasn't the thing for me simply because I needed MORE!


I  grew up in a wealthy family with business men and women background, We grew up not missing a (material) thing but only the presence of my workaholic father. He was the owner of the 3 most popular Arabic restaurants duirng the 80's in Athens. 3 hugely successful businesses.

Unfortunately in 2003 we lost him and that's when it really hit me! I realised that I didn't have enough childhood memories of him, something that made me extremely sad.


When my time came and I became a mother, I soon realised (due to the economic crisis in Greece) that I was becoming a workaholic like my father! I was absent for hours away from my son and sometimes months if I was working a summer season! My worst nightmare was becoming true and found myself not being able to raise my son myself. So there I was batteling to survive when I decided to take the step and move to England to follow my long desired dream of becoming a certified professional wedding planner.


I not only had the time to care for him but I also had the chance for the first time in my life to create my wedding business. During my 1st year I soon realised that I knew nothing about running an online business. I had waited long without any clients when I decided to hire a business coach. I had no investing money at all but I knew deep down inside me that I wanted to work with my coach so I  took out a business loan and made sure to work really hard to make it work.


That's when everything changed in my life! Just after starting to work with my business coach, 3 months in I had learned so much about business and was following a specific strategy plan that saw me go from 0 clients to booked with dream clients, earning in one month what I would earn in a full year of working a full time job!! 

My wedding industry colleagues started to ask me how I had done this. So I started helping them by looking at their businesses, who their ideal clients were and how they could attracting them. They then started seeing successes, and increased their income, only because of the help I had given them.


I then realised, I wanted to help people create their dream businesses and work under their own conditions. I knew I could do this by sharing my knowledge of business that I have learned throughout the years. I had always found myself helping people in need of inspiration. I love inspiring others and making them believe they can follow their dreams. So that’s what I am doing.

Now I’m able to help others make money doing the things they love and work around their families, just like me.


Which leads me to today me being a self employed multi successful business owner and mother of 2 that works around her family from home.

I, along side with my lovely husband, we take care of our children by being there every minute of the day when they need us and creating lots of beautiful memories for our sons to remember us for.


If I can do it all than you can too!

Believe in yourself!


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