Less stress, more control, more money, more time with your loved ones!


I’m Anna

Greek Success & Freedom Business Coach

As the owner of a successful Greek destination wedding planning business, I launched my second business Anna Wilson Coaching to help ambitious creative women based in Greece create and live their ideal lives.


I live in the UK with my 2 sons and husband. I also travel very often to Greece creating beautiful, minimalistc luxurious weddings and coaching fabulous women.


I deliver 1-1 coaching and group coaching programs to Greek based women in business. I teach you how to control your business, how to get it in front of your ideal clients, how to be more visible online, how to bring more sales, how to earn more money and how to have more time with your loved ones!


Don't be afraid to follow your dreams and create the life you have always desired. You have the power in your hands to


I've felt that I was a failure, I felt I was lost in business, unhappy, stressed, not making enough money to leave my part time job, I didn't have enough clients,

I wasn't attracting my ideal clients, I didn't have a steady income. I found myself wondering how am I going to pull it all together. I even got to the point where I was either going to quit my dream or take the risk and take my massive step. That's when I got a business loan to hire a coach to teach me everything about online business.


We all know that in business you need to invest in order to get to where you want to be. I knew without a speck of doubt that I had to give it my absolute best and I always said to myself "There is no way I will fail! NO CHANCE"


I know you CAN achieve your goals, you CAN earn the money you desire and you TOTALLY CAN have the life you have always wanted. A life where you get to decide whether you are going to work or take the day off to enjoy your family! 

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